How it works

Here's how to prescribe your patient a Parks Canada Discovery Pass.

Follow these simple steps to prescribe a Parks Canada Discovery Pass:


Register to prescribe PaRx

Click Get Started and complete the online form to receive your customized nature prescription file with unique provider code.


Prescribe nature time to a patient

Using your customized nature prescription file, either print and hand, or
e-mail, the completed PaRx prescription file to them.


Log your patient's PaRx prescription

Click Log Your PaRx and fill out the online form using your unique provider code and the prescriber e-mail address you originally registered with. Be sure to check the “I am prescribing a Parks Canada Discovery Pass” box.

You can prescribe up to one free pass per month, while supplies last.


Ask your patient to also Log their PaRx

Each patient should enter the unique provider code on the completed prescription given to them by their prescriber, and their own e-mail address, to fill out the form.


Our team verifies the registrations

Once we receive both of the prescriber and patient registrations, our team verifies that the logged codes match.


We contact your patient for their mailing address

Your patient will receive an e-mail from our team requesting their address.


We mail your patient a Parks Canada Discovery Pass!

Your patient will enjoy free entry to over 80 Parks Canada administered sites across the country for the next year. Note that youth 17 and under enjoy free admission.

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