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July 22, 2023

PaRx Prescribers Across Canada Celebrate Parks Day with a Walk in Nature

Every year on the third Saturday of July, Canada’s Parks Day celebrates the important role that parks play in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems, protecting critical habitat for species-at-risk and improving human health and well-being. On this day, thousands of Canadians participate in park-based activities to underline how parks contribute to healthy, vibrant communities.

For its 33rd year this July, dozens of individuals, families, and communities across Canada walked through parks with PaRx prescribers and enjoyed time in nature for their mental and physical health.

“Nature walks are very therapeutic and is a non-drug measure alternative to help with mood, blood sugar stabilization, blood pressure, amongst many others. Having access to outdoor parks and also National Parks is essential.” - Alberta PaRx Prescriber

Map highlighting parks where PaRx prescribers organized walks on July 15th. Photos submitted.

Although Parks Day takes place on only one Saturday of the year, PaRx encourages all of its prescribers and patients to prioritize green time for their health on a regular basis, incorporating more nature into their day-to-day lifestyle, however that may look.

“I organized a walk through Mono Cliffs with my friends and family on the nature trails there as part of an engagement celebration. It's important to incorporate nature and physical activity into our daily lives and celebrations, promoting healthy lifestyles and enjoyment.” - Ontario PaRx Prescriber

A Walk in Nature in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, Ontario. Photo submitted.

Whether it’s in a city park, community garden, national park, or even a patient’s own backyard, time spent in nature anytime, anywhere, is good for health. We encourage our prescribers and patients to explore the options in their local community to find the green and blue spaces they can connect to best.

“Supporting our physical and mental health is so important for our patients. As a Registered Psychotherapist I see the benefit of outdoor activity for the promotion of mental health and wellness on a regular basis. I would like to encourage my patients and practice teams to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the Hamilton region, including the many hiking trails, waterfalls and parks available!” - Ontario PaRx Prescriber

A Walk in Nature in Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia. Photo submitted.

Celebrating Parks Day also gives us a chance to recognize the incredible natural beauty within Canada, from lush forests to wild mountains and pristine lakes.

“My Walk in Nature is a reminder to take time for my mental and physical health, just like I recommend to patients! It's a chance to appreciate the beauty of local nature and practise gratitude for the lands that Indigenous Peoples have been caretakers for since time immemorial.” – British Columbia PaRx Prescriber

A Walk in Nature in Lac des Arcs, Alberta. Photo submitted.

From local beaches to old-growth forests, the outdoor landscapes that surround us play a vital role in keeping us healthy. Thank you for celebrating Parks Day 2023 with us!

Top image: A Walk in Nature in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta. Photo submitted.

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